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epic31 Rainbow Six Siege

Up to £1600




Online - UK - Players must be located within the UK or EU.


You require a ticket for epic31 Online to take part in this event. Tickets are £15 per person which includes access to the tournament and all of our other activities in the 4 day gaming event.

UKIN Division 2

The winner of epic31 will also qualify in to UKIN Division 2 providing that the team is eligible and 4+ teams enter in to the tournament.

Age Restriction:

Strictly 18+

Start Date:

Friday 9 October

End Date:

Sunday 11 October


Groups to Double Elimination (Please see Tournament Format page for other possibilities)


32 teams (note this limit may be increased if teams sign up early)

Twitch Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/epiclan4 (TBC)

Join the epic.LAN Discord (discord.gg/epicLAN) - you'll be given access to the epic31R6S section on the week the event starts. All important information about your matches are going to be on our Discord server.