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EPIC34 Rainbow Six Siege


  • Lewis "Duckbot" Sinclair
  • TBA

Prize Pool:

£1,250 - £3,000 subject to team numbers


Kettering Conference Centre


You require a ticket for EPIC34 to take part in this event. 

UKIN logo

UKIN Division 2

The winner of EPIC34 will also qualify in to UKIN Division 2 providing that the team is eligible (at least 3/5 UK or Ireland players) and 4+ teams enter in to the tournament. Note that even if you are not eligible for the UKIN spot, you can still enter the main epic.LAN tournament and the spot will go to the next eligible team in the standings. 

Due to the timing of EPIC34, the entry will be in to the first UKIN Div 2 season of 2022

Age Restriction:

Strictly 18+ 

You must present valid photo ID to the tournament admins on request at any point prior to or during the tournament. Failure/refusal to provide ID will mean that you are unable to participate in the tournament. 

Start Date:

Friday 29 October - Start Time: 11:00 BST

End Date:

Sunday 31 October


Groups to Double Elimination (Please see Tournament Format page for other possibilities)


32 teams

Schedule (All times BST):

  • TBA

Bare in mind this is a very loose schedule and is dependent on number of teams/players involved in the tournament. Please check the tournament pages for specific times for specific matches.

Twitch Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/rainbowsix_uk

Join the epic.LAN Discord (discord.gg/epicLAN) - you'll be given access to the epic34R6S section on the week the event starts. All important information about your matches are going to be on our Discord server.