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epic29 Magic: The Gathering Arena

The Legendary Strategy Card Game arrives at epic29 - Magic: The Gathering Arena is here!

The minimum prize fund for this tournament (based on 8 players attending) is £250 + tickets/discount to the next epic.LAN event (total value £340). Should the full 32 players enter, the prize fund will be increased to £1000 cash + event tickets.

  • Admins: TBC
  • Location: epic29, UK
  • Start Date: Friday 21st February, 12:00pm
  • Final: Saturday 23rd February, 4pm
  • Format: Battle mode 1v1 – Best of 3 Swiss
  • Limit: 32 Players
  • Join the tournament channel in the epic.LAN Discord by going to the #get-roles channel and clicking the MTGA icon

    * All tournament times are subject to change pending final signup numbers.